Video4: Information Theory, DNA, and Evolution in the 21st Century


Perry Marshall, author of Industrial Ethernet, and Communications Engineer Bill Jenkins, give a technical treatment of information theory as it relates to DNA and evolution.

Page Contents:

Page 1: Introduction to DNA as a Communication System, Information Theory 101, How This Argument Started in the First Place, Definition of a Communication System, Where did DNA come from?

Page 2: The Origin of Nature and Science, Purpose and Teleology in Codes, Why Science Succeeded in Europe, Origin of Life, Flawed Designs and Vestigial Organs, How to Study DNA

Page 3: Distinguishing between Codes and Non-Codes, Evolution through the lens of Information Theory: Random Mutations and Noise, Multiple Layers of Information, Linguistics and the Engineering 7-Layer Model, Random Mutations and Computer Programs

Page 4:Error Corrections in DNA, Barbra McClintock’s Corn (Maize) Experiments, A New Theory of Evolution: Cellular Genetic Engineering, What if DOS Evolved into Microsoft Windows, Evolutionary Programming, The Evolutionary Algorithm is intentional, Evolution as a Highly Optimized Calculation.

Page 5: Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem and the Origin of the Universe, The Existence of Nature and Information, Information and the Trinitarian Concept of God, Information Theory, Good, Evil, and Determinism vs. Free Will

    Error Corrections in DNA Guard Against Random Mutations
    *Video:error corrections in dna guard against random mutations
    Error Corrections in DNA pt 2: Barbra McClintock’s Corn (Maize) Experiments
    *Video:error corrections in dna pt 2: barbra mcclintock's corn (maize) experiments
    A New Theory of Evolution: Cellular Genetic Engineering
    *Video:a new theory of evolution: cellular genetic engineering
    What if DOS Evolved into Microsoft Windows?
    *Video:what if dos evolved into microsoft windows?
    Evolutionary Programming is Organized Top-Down, not Bottom-Up
    *Video:evolutionary programming is organized top-down, not bottom-up
    The Evolutionary Algorithm is Intentional – and That’s a Testable Scientific Hypothesis
    *Video:the evolutionary algorithm is intentional – and that's a testable scientific hypothesis
    Evolution as a Highly Optimized Calculation, Not a Random Walk
    *Video:evolution as a highly optimized calculation, not a random walk

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