Conception to birth, visualized

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Alexander Tsiaras is an artist and technologist. His work explores the unseen human body, developing visualization software that enables him to “paint” the human anatomy:

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kenkoskinen says:

Perry, thanks for sharing that video with your audience. I have to agree with Alexander that the gestation process is awesome. This is so not only for humans but also all other creatures.

There are many mysteries and these keep thinkers/dreamers wonderfully awake trying to add a thing or two to the ever growing human data bank. The fun is also in the interpretation of the known. Some play the god card others play the naturalism one. In either play the reality that is sought to be understood is amazing. In this we are all united!

diva2009 says:

God is incredibly beautiful. His creations are unfathomable for a human mind. Alexander Tsiaras perfectly illustrates the complexness of life.

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