The Royal Society’s Evolution Meeting: James MacAllister / Why Neo-Darwinism was the Biggest Mistake in the History of Science

James MacAllister, curator of the Lynn Margulis archive at the University of Massachussetts Amherst. He wrote a thorough review of the London 2016 evolution conference at the Royal Society.

James MacAllister is the volunteer archivist for the Lynn Margulis archive at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst.

Jim runs, the Environmental Evolution website. Lynn Margulis was the champion of Symbiogenesis theory.

She fought tremendous opposition from Neo-Darwinists to get the theory accepted. Today she is widely regarded as one of the greatest evolutionary biologists of all time.

I met Jim at the Royal Society evolution meeting in London, and in a very brief conversation discovered much in common. Jim runs, the Environmental Evolution blog.

He wrote a fantastic synopsis of the Royal Society meeting. I encourage you to read his entire report. Meanwhile, some highlights:

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Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity – Book Review

 World-class heart researcher Denis Noble demolishes the “Selfish Gene” – With Grace and Wit

Just as modern astronomy has shown us there is no definite “center of the universe” (and it is most certainly not the earth), in his book “Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity,” Oxford Professor Denis Noble shows that in biology there is no “starting point of the organism.” (And it is most certainly not the gene!)

Denis Noble is the man who worked out the details of the cardiac rhythm, which made pacemakers possible, as well as the drug Ivabradine.

He received the distinction “Commander of the British Empire” from the Queen of England for his service to the sciences. His heart research involved knocking out genes and altering gene expression.
His heart research (including extensive computer modeling of heart activity) convinced him that Richard Dawkins’ “Selfish Gene” concept could not possibly be correct. Read more »

From Creationist to Atheist to Reasonable Faith

Guest Blog by Ryan Ferguson

At the age of 6, I loved my family, my dog, my Lord Jesus, awesome flying kicks and Ankylosaurus. At the age of 6, this was considered perfectly normal and no one batted an eyelid.

At the age of 12, I was told I could love four of those five things, but when it came to the God who loves me and amazing ancient creatures, I had to choose.

Why? Because Ankylosaurus lived approximately 60,000,000 years ago, while the Bible “clearly” states that God created the world 6,000 years ago.

And, as the fundamentalists’ claims went, the Bible is inerrant, so if any of it is wrong, it’s all wrong.

In other words, if I’m not Read more »

Welcome to the DMZ: The Creation-Evolution De-Militarized Zone

Between North and South Korea there’s a “DMZ,” a De-Militarized Zone. A strip of land a couple of miles wide. A buffer between the two sides. A place where people from both sides can go… and not get shot.dmz_myllissa_2

The DMZ has a number of buildings for peace talks between the two sides.

Evolution 2.0 is a De-Militarized Zone for the evolution debate.

We need this desperately. Why?

Because it doesn’t exist anywhere else!

You cannot go to university and have a Read more »

From “God Of The Gaps” to “Let’s Get This Thing Solved!”

Since giving my talk “If You Can Read This I Can Prove God Exists” in 2005, my thinking has evolved tremendously.


This continues to be one of the most argued-about talks on Origin Of Life on the web.

It sparked a 7-year debate on Infidels. At the time, was the largest atheist website in the world. This went on to become the longest-running, most-viewed thread on the site.

No one overturned my argument. Eventually Infidels did their best to make the whole episode disappear.

“If you can read this” has been pounded hard by thousands of skeptics. Every scientific detail and technical fact still stands intact today, more than 10 years later.

However I must be clear: I did not prove God exists. What I proved is Read more »

Royal Society’s “New Trends in Biological Evolution” – A Bloodless Revolution

“Evolution is too important to leave to evolutionary biologists.”

-Ray Noble MD

“I don’t consider my ideas controversial. I consider them right.”

-Lynn Margulis

In London from 7-9 November 2016 I witnessed a groundbreaking summit at the British Royal Society. 300 scientists from around the world gathered to evaluate a sea change in evolutionary theory.royal_panel_s4

When recalled at the end of the 21st century, this gathering may prove as pivotal as the US election that occurred at the same time.

No one can say for sure until December 31, 2099 whether this meeting was that influential. But in a few minutes I’ll explain why I predict it was.

I’ll also explain why Charles Darwin himself – a thoughtful, tentative, ever-questioning man who eschewed dogma – would likely be horrified at Neo-Darwinism, the mutant progeny of his own theory, that emerged in the 1940s and held sway for 70 years.

Mr. Darwin would surely be relieved that someone finally Read more »

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion: Evolution 2.0 interview with Philip Comella

philipcomellaThere’s more to life than just atoms and molecules. And it’s the biggest untold story in the history of science.

Philip Comella is an attorney with a philosophy background and author of the book “The End of Materialism.” On his podcast “Conversations Beyond Science and Religion” Philip and Perry discuss the untold evolution story – the one that bridges the gap between scientific evolution and common sense. Read more »

Geeking on code, DNA and Starbucks with author John Somnez

John Sonmez is a code geek if there ever was one.

He is the founder of and author of Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual. John focuses on helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers and live better lives through coaching, podcasting and teaching.

John recently interviewed me after reviewing my Evolution 2.0 book. We cut right to the chase and got into Read more »

Wanted: “I was a Young Earth Creationist” Stories


I was raised a Young Earth Creationist.

Were you?

WANTED: Stories of people who lost or almost lost faith – and only came back because they realized…

There’s more than one way to read Genesis!

I’d love to feature your story here on my blog.

Post a short version in the comments below and if it’s a fit we’ll be in touch with you directly.


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Discover the 70-Year-Old Nobel Prize-winning discovery that rendered old-school Darwinism obsolete.

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Discover the 70-Year-Old Nobel Prize-winning discovery that rendered old-school Darwinism obsolete.

Get 3 Free Chapters of "Evolution 2.0 via Email".

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