What kind of God makes an evolutionary universe?

Stuart Norey posted this insightful comment on my blog:

I am not going to argue for or against any sort of God. But I will say this.

In the world NOW there are countless examples of evolution happening right now, backed up by sound science. There are no examples of God at work backed up by sound science.

Science can show, through DNA and fossil records etc, the previous evolutionary paths species have taken. No sensible person would argue against examples of current species evolving from others, even man.

Perry does not argue that God created man. His God is not like the God of the more traditional biblical God the ‘Christians’ etc who defend his views argue for.

Perry does not seem to deny science or evolution happening.

The biblical story is clearly wrong.

He has therefore had no choice but to retreat from biblical creation and his God appears to Read more »

Stephen Meyer Debates Perry Marshall – Intelligent Design vs. Evolution 2.0

“What Happened to Evolution at the Royal Society?”

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Debate – Perry Marshall vs. Stephen Meyer on the UNBELIEVABLE radio program & podcast with host Justin Brierley



Annotated transcript with additional videos, links, comments and resources by Perry Marshall at the bottom.

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What Science and the Post Office Have in Common

Nicholas Upchurch

Nicholas Upchurch

I was recently invited by Nicholas Upchurch to appear on his Believe! podcast. We ended up with over an hour of unusual content.  Now, here’s why I called this clip “unusual.”

There are many theories, models, and hypotheses that Nicholas and I may not agree on. And some of the remote fringes of science that he aspires to traverse may be very… “fringy.” However, what unites the two of us is our shared conviction that no verifiable fact can be ignored if we want the true science to happen.

We ended up visiting many rabbit holes in this very short time span. If there was a world record for that, we’d almost certainly smash it.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What mainstream scientists, researchers, and professors are most afraid of
  • Was life brought to Earth from another planet? (And why the answer to that doesn’t answer anything.)
  • Extraterrestrials and the Vatican
  • What comes first, matter or consciousness?
  • Pacemakers, Galileo, and the center of the Universe
  • What science and the post office have in common

Listen to it here: Perry Marshall on Science vs. God

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Yes, Richard Dawkins is Obsolete

Thanks to Mark D. Thompson for posting this helpful blog comment:

Richard Dawkins has been out of date since the day “Selfish Gene” hit the bookstores

This issue [re: “Memo to Dawkins & friends: Recess Is OVER”] was also debated in a Nature article in terms of niche construction:

Richard Dawkins has been out of date since the day that he published the Selfish Gene. I admire his writing and his books were great enjoyment leading into my undergraduate.

However, Sewall Wright, Rupert Riedl, Conrad Waddington, and even Richard Lewontin were very skeptical. Some even published rebuttals of Dawkins in the peer-reviewed literature.

Stephen J. Gould’s writings should have been the tombstone marker on Dawkins’ thesis, but for some reason this never caught traction.

There is a grand divide between populist thinking in evolutionary biology and what is really going on in evolutionary peer-review.

Here we are with an article in 1978 on epigenetics:

Dawkins still didn’t get the memo. He put out this horrific paper:

It was essentially a re-hash of what he has already said and he ignores the evidence. I have admired Dawkins and many of the other neo-Darwinian) players, but they need to modify their views in light of the evidence (which they claim to do).

Interestingly, Charles Darwin would be more of a modern thinker in relation to his pangenesis theory, which started genetics and is really prescient thinking on the way that RNA intermixes with the proteome. Great article!

For Those of You Ready to Chuck Your Faith Out the Window

By day, Jason Vidaurri is a mild-mannered chemical engineer of about 16 years, whose day job consists of delving into the intricacies of turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. A perfectly respectable role for a man of his education and experience.

Outside of work (and likely unbeknownst to his coworkers), Jason is the engineer of – a podcast committed to helping others find more of their own success in all aspects of life by giving people the freedom to tell their story – with the intent that listeners might find foundational material on which to build upon their own lives.  

Jason recently had me as his guest to talk about Evolution 2.0 and we immediately cut to the chase. In this episode we talk about my harrowing journey of slashing through the jungle of the creation versus evolution debate, how we spend our lives fighting random mutation, and my simple exercise of organizing the world into two halves: those with code and those without.

Here’s a few highlights guaranteed to awaken your inner geek:

  • Theology is squishy, science is not – 9:02
  • How DNA is mathematically identical to an ethernet packet (really) – 15:30
  • Why evolution is simply a software engineering problem – 17:28
  • What the cell does that no other human technology is capable of (sorry, Google) – 26:23

Enjoy:  StoryHinge – Episode 11

Perry Marshall

The Royal Society’s Evolution Meeting: James MacAllister / Why Neo-Darwinism was the Biggest Mistake in the History of Science

James MacAllister, curator of the Lynn Margulis archive at the University of Massachussetts Amherst. He wrote a thorough review of the London 2016 evolution conference at the Royal Society.

James MacAllister is the volunteer archivist for the Lynn Margulis archive at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst.

Jim runs, the Environmental Evolution website. Lynn Margulis was the champion of Symbiogenesis theory.

She fought tremendous opposition from Neo-Darwinists to get the theory accepted. Today she is widely regarded as one of the greatest evolutionary biologists of all time.

I met Jim at the Royal Society evolution meeting in London, and in a very brief conversation discovered much in common. Jim runs, the Environmental Evolution blog.

He wrote a fantastic synopsis of the Royal Society meeting. I encourage you to read his entire report. Meanwhile, some highlights:

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Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity – Book Review

 World-class heart researcher Denis Noble demolishes the “Selfish Gene” – With Grace and Wit

Just as modern astronomy has shown us there is no definite “center of the universe” (and it is most certainly not the earth), in his book “Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity,” Oxford Professor Denis Noble shows that in biology there is no “starting point of the organism.” (And it is most certainly not the gene!)

Denis Noble is the man who worked out the details of the cardiac rhythm, which made pacemakers possible, as well as the drug Ivabradine.

He received the distinction “Commander of the British Empire” from the Queen of England for his service to the sciences. His heart research involved knocking out genes and altering gene expression.
His heart research (including extensive computer modeling of heart activity) convinced him that Richard Dawkins’ “Selfish Gene” concept could not possibly be correct. Read more »

From Creationist to Atheist to Reasonable Faith

Guest Blog by Ryan Ferguson

At the age of 6, I loved my family, my dog, my Lord Jesus, awesome flying kicks and Ankylosaurus. At the age of 6, this was considered perfectly normal and no one batted an eyelid.

At the age of 12, I was told I could love four of those five things, but when it came to the God who loves me and amazing ancient creatures, I had to choose.

Why? Because Ankylosaurus lived approximately 60,000,000 years ago, while the Bible “clearly” states that God created the world 6,000 years ago.

And, as the fundamentalists’ claims went, the Bible is inerrant, so if any of it is wrong, it’s all wrong.

In other words, if I’m not Read more »

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