A New Theory of Evolution

I invite you to consider…

What if evolution were true, but it wasn’t quite like Darwin said?

What if there were a new evolutionary model that could explain why fossils show almost no change for millions of years…. then suddenly the Cambrian Explosion: Thousands of new species emerge intact, virtually overnight. Read more »

Can Anybody Actually Win The Evolution 2.0 Prize?

evonne_crayonsCan Anybody Actually Win The Evolution 2.0 Prize?

Science, God, and

Happy Chemical Accidents


There’s a million codes out there. HTML, bar codes, zip codes, Java, English and Chinese.

Out of a million codes, 999,999 are designed by humans.

There’s one code we don’t know the origin of – and that’s DNA. We don’t know of any codes that are not designed. This implies design in DNA.

That’s an unsolved science mystery. So I and a group of Private Equity Investors have formed a company, Natural Code LLC, to offer a multi-million dollar technology prize for Origin Of Information.

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Evolution: The Untold Story, Part 1

There are two kinds of evolution:

1) There’s the version that you read about in the bookstore. It’s two-thirds science fiction.

2) Then there’s the version that PhD biologists, cancer researchers and genetic engineers use to do their jobs.

The two are entirely different.

Popular books tell you evolution works like this: Read more »

Evolution Fist Fight at the Wistar Institute

The now-famous Wistar evolution conference took place exactly 50 years ago at the University of Pennsylvania. An all-star panel of mathematicians, biologists and engineers debated the merits of Neo-Darwinism… based on MATH.

The verdict:

The engineers and mathematicians said, “No way Jose.”

The biologists said, “You guys are ignorant. You don’t understand.”

OK, it wasn’t a fist fight… but it was intense. Fascinating to read even 50 years later. MIT and ivy-league guys duking it out over evolutionary theory.

The papers and transcripts are published in a book called “Mathematical Challenges to the Neo-Darwinian Interpretation of Evolution.” You can still get copies, if you don’t mind dropping a couple hundred bucks. (It’s good, but I don’t recommend you pay $200 for it.)

I secured a copy through my local library. Fascinating stuff, especially considering people have now been arguing about THIS conference for 50 years.

The math guys insisted, “This dog don’t hunt. The numbers are impossible. Your model doesn’t work. Back to the drawing board.” But the biologists fired back: “The model works just fine. Look, stuff obviously evolves. What part of this don’t you understand?”

The biologists couldn’t make the numbers work, and mostly dodged the question. The two sides talked past each other for most of the conference.

The question is not whether evolution happens. It does and we can plainly observe it: new structures and species in days, weeks or months. The question is: Where the do the innovations come from? Are they random and accidental? Or are they produced by systems?

None of this was arguments about creationism or whatever. It was simply a study of whether the Neo-Darwinian model actually works. Well, it doesn’t because it’s mathematically impossible. The actual statistics for the idea that random events can improve codes are absurd.

Nowhere in the literature will you find a sound statistical case FOR the assertion that random copying errors, combined with natural selection, can actually generate new species. Run the numbers and you’ll find they’re the worst odds to be found in all of science. Old-school Darwinists are trained early and often to dodge these discussions about probability.

If you have a scientific model and the math doesn’t work, your model is broken. Period. End of story. You need another model.

Most of the biologists were unwilling to accept this. They seemed to feel personally threatened. You hear vitriol and bickering in the transcripts.

New Paradigm for Evolution

The thing they lacked then – that we do have now – was a Post Modern Synthesis. A new model for evolution. When the Wistar conference was held, Barbara McClintock was still 15 years away from winning her Nobel Prize. Symbiogenesis theory had been nearly lost to Russian history, and Lynn Margulis was just starting her crusade to resurrect and popularize it in the west.

Horizontal Gene Transfer was barely understood. Genome Duplication via Hybridization was vastly underrated. We couldn’t sequence genomes and there were no Craig Venter type guys hacking cells and rebuilding their genomes.

Today we know organisms respond to threats in real time and systematically re-arrange their DNA. Cells perform feats in minutes that chance could never achieve in a trillion years. Evolution defies entropy and randomness – through Natural Genetic Engineering.

Old-school Darwinism has been hacking and wheezing for decades. But now it’s dying of emphysema. Meanwhile a promising new synthesis is upon us, one that restores live, results-based experiments to the evolution debate.

Landmark New Conference

The Royal Society of London is hosting a conference November 7-9 called “New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives.” If you have any means of getting there, you should register and go.

I will be attending, as will many leaders of the “Third Way” movement. One of the leading lights is biologist Denis Noble of Oxford, who will be presenting his latest findings. For a preview of Noble’s approach, watch his video “Rocking the Foundations of Evolutionary Biology” above.

The London event promises to be a lively exchange. I predict it will cripple the twilight efforts to sustain Darwinism by its last holdouts. Folks like Jerry Coyne and Richard Dawkins, who continue to propagate a version of science that practicing scientists abandoned long ago.

Long live the revolution.

Even Darwinists thought Darwin was crazy about this one…

Charles Darwin believed behaviors a parent learned during his or her lifetime could be passed to children. Many scientists of the time believed that. It was called “Lamarckism” after Lamarck who first proposed the theory.

Later, the Neo-Darwinists laughed Lamarckism right out of the academy. “Silly Lamarck, he didn’t know that DNA mutations are all accidental.” Lamarck was scorned for 100 years.

Turns out both Darwin and Lamarck were right! And as you see in this PBS video, your body is capable of passing an amazing set of adaptations to your children, as epigenetics adapts to situations in real time.

Epigenetics is HOT. It is fast revolutionizing the science of evolution, genetics, and nutrition.

Superbugs: Kaizen, Quantum Leaps, And Penicillin

Have you ever thought about WHY you have to take the entire bottle of antibiotics every time you get a sinus infection?

Because a regular ole’ bug can become a SUPERBUG in about 10 minutes.

Unless you napalm the bacteria wreaking havoc on your immune system into oblivion, the tiny little bastards will come back stronger and harder to kill.

And, you, my friend, become the battleground for an all-out war between superbugs and t-cells.

All because of an evolutionary process known as “horizontal gene transfer”.

There are ENORMOUS implications for this in business.

….and most people have NEVER even heard about it.

I go into all of those ideas in-depth (and more) in my new book, Evolution 2.0. Watch the video below where I discuss superbugs and kaizen.

The Exquisite Merger-Acquisitions of Mother Nature

Mother Nature has some pretty stunning capabilities. One of them is the ability of two species to combine and make a stronger hybrid.

One such merger is the marriage of fungi and algae to make: Lichen.

Lichen can make its own food by way of photosynthesis thanks to algae AND protection from the environment through the ailments of fungi.

What if you could follow a simple process in your business to utilize the same symbiosis that mother nature utilizes to evolve?

The concepts are so simple a child could understand them.

–And they can TRANSFORM your business.


“Kids don’t like being lied to.”

I got this missive from Charlie Richardson…child_martinak15

“Some fundamentalist churches equate doctrinal non-conformity with “not walking with Christ.”

So for a lot of folks your idea of “evolving your interpretation” of Scripture, based on science, is anathema and the liberal slippery slope to hell.

I know this from firsthand experience.

Extreme fundamentalism Read more »

Did God Create Evil and Suffering?

One of the most appealing aspects of Young Earth Creationism is, it offers a simple, trouble-free view of God. “God made everything perfect. It was just us HUMANS who messed everything up. It’s all OUR fault.”pentagram_ nzhamstar

Reader Daniel, a Christian, asked:

“I have to say you have a very interesting take on the Bible then. If Adam and Eve were real people and did not do the original sin like you suggest then where did death and suffering come from? Surely God did not create via suffering, that would be an affront to his glory.

My reply:

Read more »

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