Cheating The Salem Hypothesis

Today, a shining example of how Richard Dawkins uses sleight of hand to fool gullible people and build his tribe.

cheating_robin_corpsDawkins offers a simulation of evolution in his famous book The Blind Watchmaker. He entered the following random string of letters into a computer program:


One letter at a time, his program evolved the string of letters.

After only 43 iterations, by randomly changing letters and deleting results it didn’t want … the program achieved its goal of the following sentence:


Gibberish to English in only 43 steps. Wow. Evolution!

The astute person will notice: Dawkins began with his desired sentence already programmed in to his code from the outset, so the program always knew what it was looking for.

Well my goodness, isn’t that clever! Wow Richard Dawkins, I am so impressed!

(Please don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, the point of Dawkins’ entire body of work is: evolution does NOT have goals.)

Yet his evolutionary computer program starts with…

A Goal!

His fans don’t notice he’s cheating. He walks with one lover while holding hands with another. Just like in the picture.

But you know who does see the con?

Engineers. Computer Science people.

Engineers and Computer Scientists are consistently skeptical of Darwinian evolution. This has been verified in studies.

There’s a term for this. It’s called “The Salem Hypothesis.” It’s named after a frustrated devotee of Darwin’s obsolete theory, Bruce Salem. Salem complained that “An education in the Engineering disciplines forms a predisposition to Creation/ID viewpoints.”

Well it’s not just engineers, Mr. Salem! It’s also as dentists and MDs. Personally I’d also add: entrepreneurs and generally most people who build and create things for a living.

Why is this so???

Because when you do something for a living, you know that you know that you know certain things. Engineers know what Richard Dawkins also knows but won’t admit to himself: That you can never build successful systems unless you start with a goal. Evolution requires purpose.

In my book Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, I devote an entire chapter to “Genetic Algorithms” which are computer programs that simulate evolution.

Some of these programs do work, and are quite useful for doing certain jobs.

But all GAs that actually work start with goals.

No exceptions.

Really effective GAs further employ versions of what I call “The Evolutionary Swiss Army Knife.” Modular tools that re-arrange parts of the system and connect them in clever ways. These programs don’t just randomly break stuff. There’s a formula.

In other words, if you want to evolve things with software, you MUST use a non-Darwinian version of evolution.

Nobody has ever demonstrated evolution software that works without sneaking purpose into the experiment.

(If you disagree, post a counterexample in the comments below.)

This confirms what engineers, computer scientists, dentists and MDs have known all along: Garbage in, garbage out. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Nature is purposeful.

So if you always suspected that evolution was true… but thought maybe there was more to it than what the Darwinians always told you… evolutionary software will happily confirm your suspicion.

In fact… real evolution is actually more like Dawkin’s WEASEL program than it’s like the way he CLAIMS evolution works in his Blind Watchmaker book.

This notion of purposeful evolution made PZ Myers angry in our recent debate. PZ groused, “Perry thinks this is engineering.”

Yessir, PZ. Eyes, ears, limbs, body plans… ALL of it is engineering. Engineers know making millions of damaged copies of stuff is not a continuous improvement program. We know: if it doesn’t work in the real world, it doesn’t work in Darwin’s theory either.

That’s why Darwin’s theory is now being replaced by a post-Darwinian model.

So today, to celebrate Salem’s correct hypothesis, I add the Salem Corollaries:

Salem Corollary #1: A lack of education in engineering predisposes people to be gullible about obsolete theories of evolution that have never been shown to work.

Salem Corollary #2: People who use purely random, purposeless Darwinian methods to design stuff must either cheat like Dawkins did… or get fired from their jobs.


Darwinists Underestimate Nature. Creationists Underestimate God.

Doug Brewer poses a fantastic question:

Chloroplasts are actually blue-green algae living symbiotically inside plant cells. They have their own DNA and represent the most successful merger-acquisition in the history of earth.

Chloroplasts are actually blue-green algae living symbiotically inside plant cells. They have their own DNA and represent the most successful merger-acquisition in the history of earth.

You say that “We can produce new species at will and it happens all the time”.

Do you believe that these same processes which create (what you refer to as) “new species” are also capable of creating new genera, families, orders, classes, phyla and kingdoms?

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Telorexia – Blind to Purpose in Nature



A psychological state in which the patient is unable to see purpose in nature, or even acknowledge hypocritical use of teleological language.

Our close friends Bob and Angel were dining with us at a barbecue restaurant. Bob was chowing down on a stack of ribs; Angel was nibbling string beans and a tiny square of corn bread.

Angel was 82 pounds and dropping fast. This normally attractive, athletic woman was down to skin and bones. Waging war with an eating disorder – and losing. Her husband Bob was scared. Laura and I were scared for her. Ribs sticking out of her skin. She wore baggy sweaters, her breasts sagged and she was perpetually cold.

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God Talk Podcast – Doug Thorpe & Andrew Wyant Discuss “Evolution 2.0”

A rocket scientist/engineer and an ER physician/pastor talk with Perry about the big questions of God and life.


In this episode, Perry tells the story of rigid Young Earth theol0gy and strict literalism that jettisoned Perry’s brother from faith, and Perry’s trip down the rabbit hole of evolutionary science.

 “Do I need to get another degree, this time in biology, to understand this stuff?” Striking parallels between Information Technology and Genetics; and a discussion of the latest Nobel Prize, and wonders of the cell almost nobody talks about.

The goal of the God Talk show with Doug Thorpe & Andrew Wyant is “Rightly dividing the line of Truth between faith and science.”


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Intelligent Design’s Blind Spot

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I’m not certain ID people understand how ID is perceived by the outside world – especially among practicing professional scientists.

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Synonyms for Random

I don’t knowtv_snow_sm

I don’t care

Can we go to lunch now


Flying Spaghetti Monster


It wasn’t God so it must have been something else

Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job

Stop asking me questions

Who gives a #$%@?


It just sorta happened

It’s naptime now

Lucky lightning strike

Black magic



Lottery ticket



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